You and All Your Friends in the World's Greatest City.

Caribana Weekend Toronto is the best weekend of the year - without a doubt. The most anticipated day-to-night party, day and night events and the best accommodations. mycaribana will provide you with a customized experience to it all.

A-List Events. A-List Stars.

From Drake, Kevin Hart, Kevin Durant, French Montana and Lebron James - you never know who will show up next to one of our events.
"Play Mas” this summer with the Toronto Revellers Masquerade Band hosted by Jamaal Magloire, Assistant Coach for the Toronto Raptors, for your best Toronto Carnival Road Experience!
The Toronto Revellers Cultural Association is a non-profit organization that aims to contribute to the multicultural landscape of Canada by promoting, celebrating and exploring the rich diverse culture and traditions of the Caribbean. MyCaribana and The Toronto Revellers Cultural Association are working in partnership to offer an exciting Mas experience, where you will be able to wear beautiful, elaborate costumes while dancing through the Toronto streets to amazing music. This is a unique experience to share with your friends and one you will never forget.

Your all-inclusive Mas experience includes:

• A beautiful costume
• Breakfast, snacks, a full meal and beverages flowing all day long
• 4 of the loudest music trucks
• International Performers such as Patrice Roberts, Dev and many more
• The best DJ’s
• Band Paramedics and Security for your safety
• Complimentary Shuttle Service

What are you waiting for?