Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my package cost?
Each package contains premium accommodations from some of Toronto's finest hotels, 2 dinner reservations to select Toronto eateries located in the downtown core, up to 7 party tickets per person, and 1 welcome gift per person
DAYLIGHT has become the flagship party during Caribana weekend. It features exclusive access to who's who on the world stage along with amenities supported by a fine assortment of commercial partners. What else can we say? It truly is the day-to-night party everyone talks about.
How close are the hotels to the Caribana nightlife events?
All of our hotel partners are located within the downtown Toronto core and are a close proximity to all Caribana nightlife events.
How does your payment plan work?
Our payment plan is fairly straightforward. We take 50% of the cost up front and request the remainder 30 days following the initial purchase.
How does the hotel booking process work?
If you purchase a separate hotel room or a package, you will receive a confirmation number of your booking within 72 hours via the email that was used to execute the purchase.
How does the ticketing process work?
Within 72 hours of your party ticket or package purchase, we will send you electronic tickets via the email that used to execute the purchase.
Does my room have wireless Internet?
Yes, all of the hotels offer wireless Internet access. However, certain hotel partners may charge an additional fee per day for Internet access.